John Muir Way

He is considered by many to be 'the patron saint of twentieth-century American environmental activity'. But first and foremost, he was a Scot. The John Muir Way travels east for 134 miles (215 km) from Helensburgh to Dunbar, Muir's birthplace, and runs right along our High Street (only a couple of minutes from our front door). We're perfectly located for Sections 6 & 7.

The Shore Walk

This 4.5 mile (7.25 km) stroll starts right under the Forth Bridge at the Hawes Pier, weaving through the Roseberry Estate and past the stunning Dalmeny House. The walk ends in Cramond Village, with the remnants of a Roman legacy, the World War II defence known as 'the Dragons Teeth' and (of course) a couple of pubs.


The Water of Leith

Now this is the way to explore some of the hidden intricacies of Edinburgh. The12 mile (19 km) path follows the River of Leith all the way to - well - Leith. It's a little fiddly to get to there from South Queensferry, but it's well worth it. Catch the 63 bus from outside THE QUEENS to Riccarton Campus. Walk down Baberton Road to pick up the trail between Currie and Juniper Green. (Here's a map).

The Fife Coastal Path

From THE QUEENS you not only have access to Edinburgh and Lothian, but by crossing one of our three majestic bridges (one for cars, one for trains and one for walkers) across the Firth of Forth you can explore the (now mythical) Kingdom of Fife. Pick up this 117 mile (188 km) long path in North Queensferry, and walk for as long (or as little) as your legs can carry you. Did we mention the castles and our wild natural landscapes?


More walking in and around Edinburgh

Our top walking picks barely scratched the surface of what Edinburgh, Lothian and the surrounding areas have to offer. And if you get stuck for inspiration, one of the Queens in residence (Judith) will be happy to share some more of her personal highlights.