Our Policies

It's often tedious - we know.

And although we haven’t put anything untoward in these terms and policies, we do encourage you to read them carefully.

At THE QUEENS, we are honest, fair and reasonable. We ask our guests to show us the same courtesy.

So, when you stay at THE QUEENS, you agree to the polices and terms below.

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Your Stay

  • We are a proud supporter of diversity. Whether that be LGBT+, gender equality, age, ethnicity or cultural respect. If this doesn’t sit well with you, we suggest you find alternative accommodation.

  • We reserve the right to ask you to leave respectfully if we - or any of our guests -are made to feel uncomfortable by your comments or actions.

  • THE QUEENS is also our home. And certain areas are our personal living space. Please respect our privacy and enjoy yourself in the areas we have made available for guests.

  • There is another Queen among us. He’s a lovely black cat, and his name is Babaganoush. While he tends to stay clear of people he doesn’t know, THE QUEENS is his home. We tell you this in case you have allergies, superstitions or a particular aversion towards cats.

  • As a result of Baba’s presence, we cannot welcome any other pets to stay.

  • When you book your stay online, you will be asked about any dietary requirements. If you book over the phone or directly by email, please ensure you let us know of any dietary requirements. We will always do our best to meet your dietary needs.

Access & Safety

  • We offer check-in between 15:30 (3:30pm) and 17:30 (5:30pm). And check-out is 10:30am. If you need to make alternative arrangements, please contact us directly.

  • THE QUEENS is a rather old building. And as such, access is limited. All our rooms are located on the first floor - up a single flight of stairs. We do not have a lift, nor any rooms located on the ground floor.

  • Although we aim to welcome everyone, we don’t feel THE QUEENS is currently suitable for younger children under the age of 14 and infants. Here’s why:

  • All rooms are on the first floor accessed by a single set of stairs.

  • We don’t have any interconnecting rooms.

  • We cannot provide cots or high chairs.

  • There are sharp edges on some of our furnishings and small ornaments throughout the rooms and shared spaces.

  • We are not able to offer on-site parking. We do, however, offer a small space for you to pull in and unload and load your luggage. But it is rather hilly. So please bear that in mind if you’re not great at hill starts.

  • All rooms are fitted with fire doors, and smoke detectors.

  • We operate a strict no smoking policy inside THE QUEENS. We have a garden, and while you are welcome to indulge out there, please ensure you leave no trace of litter. If you smoke inside, the cleaning fee starts at £100.

  • The hairdryers in your room are professional standard and can get rather hot when in use. Please be particularly careful.

  • We offer free Wi-Fi throughout THE QUEENS. We ask that you please be fair with how you use this service. For example, please don’t continuously stream or download large files during your stay. Of course, we ask you not to engage in any illegal or illicit activities. Here’s a simple test - if your mother found out what you were doing on the internet, what would she say?

  • To this point, we are all law-abiding adults who take responsibility for our own actions. If you break the law, don’t be surprised if we call the police. And if you’re unsure, ask us.


  • We ask for a deposit of 50% of the value of your stay when you book.

  • For ‘last minute stays’ - when your arrival date is within 2 days of booking - we ask for full payment in advance.

  • Payments can be made with all major credit cards online or over the phone. If you would prefer to pay by bank transfer, please call or email us, and we will be delighted to send you our details.

  • We cannot guarantee your booking until your deposit has been received.

  • If you would prefer to pay for your stay in full before you arrive, please contact us directly. We will either send you an email with a payment link, or we can arrange full payment over the phone - whichever you would prefer.

  • We will always send you confirmation of any payments received. Our preference is to send this to you by email, but if you would prefer a copy sent by post, we are perfectly happy to arrange this for you.

  • We ask for full payment of any remaining balance at the end of your stay and before you leave. Of course, you can settle your remaining balance at any time during your stay.


  • We offer a full refund of your deposit if you contact us 7 full days prior to the date you were due to arrive at THE QUEENS. For example, if you were due to check in on a Sunday, you would need to have contacted us by the previous Sunday.
  • If you have booked all rooms at THE QUEENS, we only offer a full refund if you tell us at least 28 days before you were due to arrive.

  • We do not offer a refund of any deposit received for stays booked within 7 days of your arrival date.

  • We do not offer a refund on the full payment received for ‘last minute stays’ - stays booked within 2 days of your arrival date.

  • If you don’t actually arrive at THE QUEENS as expected, and you have been unable to contact us, we will assume you have decided to cancel your stay. We will always hold your room(s) for the first night(s) covered by your deposit. For example, we would hold your room for the first 2 nights when you have paid a 50% deposit on a 4-night stay.

  • We will always send you confirmation of your cancellation. Our preference is to send this to you by email, but if you would prefer a copy sent by post, we can arrange this.

  • If you have not received confirmation of your cancellation from us, please contact us directly to ensure your cancellation request has gone through.

  • It doesn’t happen often, but we do reserve the right to cancel your stay at THE QUEENS when there are circumstances beyond our control. We will make every attempt to find you similar accommodation in South Queensferry. However, if this is not possible, or not your preference, we will offer a full refund of any payment you have made towards your stay. Our liability will not extend beyond this refund.

  • We recommend all our guests take out a comprehensive travel insurance policy that includes cover for unforeseen cancellation beyond any of our control. We will provide evidence of your intended stay - such as a statement or receipt, or a copy of correspondence between us - to help with any travel insurance claims you may need to make.

Theft, Damage & Breakages

  • Accidents happen, and we don’t typically charge for minor breakages. We do however, ask that you tell us as soon as possible when something has been broken or damaged.

  • We reserve the right to ask for compensation up to and including the full value of the damages and loss of income on our part, especially - but not limited to - those situations where the room is uninhabitable as a result of the damage you have caused.

  • Hairdryers, towels, linen and bathrobes are all provided for you to use during your stay. Naturally, we would prefer you leave them behind. However, if you accidentally take any of them home, and you have no intention of returning them, we would expect you to pay for them. We will typically take payment using the card we have stored for your stay or agree an alternative method with you.


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  • We only collect information that we are required to by law, or which is needed for your stay.

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