Every Queen has a story ...


Angela and Judith (and their cat Babaganoush) have moved from Sydney, Australia to deliver a rare fusion of Scottish and Australian hospitality.

They have been completely obsessed with the decadence of the Bed & Breakfast experience since they met more than a decade ago. So now, after years of observing and indulging, they have imposed their own formidable blend of style, colour and taste upon this splendid - and only - example of 19th-century Gothic architecture in South Queensferry.

Angela is the Australian-born daughter of a Scottish mother (called Margaret) who met her bonnie wife Judith whilst living in London many moons ago. She’s a trained hair and make-up professional, a perfectionist and a foodie. Oh, and she loves gin.

Judith hails from across the Forth in Dundee, Scotland. She's also the daughter of a Scottish mother (another Margaret).

Judith has long worked in the not-for-profit sector. She loves a hike, the radio and (of course) gin.

And let's not forget Babaganoush. He’s a cat. You may catch a glimpse of this elusive Queen during your stay, but he tends to steer clear of people he doesn't know.

Angela and Judith have somehow managed to claim the rather tenuous link between their mothers - both named Margaret - and the Scottish Saint Queen Margaret, who commissioned the Queen's Ferry to be built in the first place.

So determined to exploit this link, they have dedicated each of their 4 rooms - two kings, one double and a single - to celebrated Queens who once ruled over the land.

Every Queen has a story. And Angela and Judith are waiting to share the latest chapter in theirs - with you.