FAQs: Facts About (the) Queens


We've done our best to anticipate as many questions as you may have ahead of your stay. Use the handy search tool off to the side. And if you still can't find what you're looking for, contact us directly, and we'll do our best to answer your questions.

For quick reference, here are our General Terms & Conditions, our Privacy Policy and our Cookies Policy.


Diversity & Inclusion


I'm an LGBT+ traveller. Is this a safe place for me?

Yes. Without question. And not just because we're a lesbian couple.

We are proud supporters of diversity. We're committed to creating a safe space for all law-abiding grown-ups regardless of their age, gender, ethnicity or cultural background.

If you have a problem with diversity, inclusion or equality, THE QUEENS (and Scotland for that matter) will not be the experience you're looking for.

(And we'd be lying if we said THE QUEENS wasn't inspired by some of the actual 'Queens' in our lives).

I'm a woman travelling on my own. Will I be okay?

Yes. We're women and we completely understand the nuances of travelling on your own.

If you have any particular concerns, speak to us before you arrive so we can talk through how and what time you're getting here. We'll also be happy to give you our mobile numbers if you get stuck or need advice.

Can I bring my children?

That's not a straight forward answer. We're very upfront with the fact we don't feel we're set up for infants and children younger than 14. We don't have interconnecting rooms, cots or highchairs, and there are sharp edges on some of our furnishings and small ornaments throughout the rooms and shared spaces.

So we're not saying no. We're simply saying we're not set up for young children, and it's best to get in touch to discuss before you book.

Are your rooms easily accessible by anyone?

THE QUEENS is a very old building. So rather than answer that question for you, we'll give you the facts so you can make your own mind up:

  • All our rooms are on the first floor, at the top of a long staircase.
  • All our rooms, the first-floor hallway and the stairs are carpeted.
  • Breakfast is served on the ground floor.
  • We don't have a stair-lift or elevator.
  • We are available during check-in / check-out to help move your luggage upstairs.
  • We don't have on-site parking. But there is space for you to pull in and drop/pick up luggage.
  • Our driveway is rather steep, so please keep that in mind.

Getting to / from THE QUEENS.


Will you pick me up from the airport / train station?

As a general rule, no. Our days are spent shopping and preparing tomorrow's breakfast, checking in/out other guests, and cleaning. We've included some information on buses, taxis and trains throughout this section of the FAQ.

Do you have parking?

No - we don't offer on-site parking. We do, however, offer a small space for you to pull in and unload (or load) your luggage. But it is rather hilly. So please bear that in mind if you’re not great at hill starts!

There is some free parking in surrounding streets, and down by the waterfront. We will be more than happy to point you in the right direction when you check-in.

What if I'm travelling by public transport?

The nearest train station to us is Dalmeny Station. It's about a 15 minute walk, and it's fairly flat or downhill (a little hilly on the way back to the station).

If you're arriving by bus, the Number 43 bus will bring you from the centre of Edinburgh and drop you off less than 100 metres from THE QUEENS. The area is also serviced by a number of other buses which will drop you close to THE QUEENS (just not as close as the 43).

However you're planning on travelling to THE QUEENS, here are a couple of links which should help you plan your journey:


Lothian Buses

Google Maps

Are you close to the Airport?

Yes we are! But this is often dependent on the traffic.

Edinburgh Airport is notorious for the occassional gridlock going in and out of the terminal building. So on a good day, it can take 10-15 minutes. And on a not-so-good day, it can take 30-45 minutes. Which is mad considering it's only a 6 mile (or 10 km) journey.

You can use our free Wifi to check the traffic on the day of your flight. No one likes to rush if they can avoid it.

Are there taxis?

There's no single answer to that question, so please bear with us.

Ubers will take you from the centre of Edinburgh to South Queensferry. It's very rare for an Uber to be available to take you from South Queensferry into Edinburgh.

When we need to get around, we use Dalmeny Cars. We don't have any sort of official arrangement with them; they just happen to be the company we use.

And of course, there are taxi ranks at the major transport hubs including the Airport and Waverly Station.

food & drink at the queens


What time is breakfast served?

On weekdays (Mon-Fri), we serve breakfast between 07:30am and 09:00am. On weekends (Sat/Sun), we let you sleep in a bit longer, and serve breakfast between 08:00am and 09:30am.

We'll leave a breakfast menu and an order form in your room so you can tell us the night before what you fancy, and what time you want to eat (within the above times).

We serve breakfast in our Drawing Room downstairs.

If you can't make these times let us know. We might be able to arrange a small takeaway alternative.

Will you cater to my specific dietary requirements?

Have no doubt, we will always try. Our breakfast menu already includes vegetarian and vegan options, and we have a variety of dairy alternatives such as soya or oat milk.

The most important thing is to let us know as far in advance as possible so we can be ready. This also gives us an opportunity to discuss options with you directly.

Can I eat breakfast in my room?

No. But we do have a Drawing Room downstairs, with a breakfast table (which becomes a ping pong table after breakfast), a working fireplace and a comfy sofa and lounge chairs.

In your room, you do have a range of teas (supplied by Teapigs) and cafetiere coffee (supplied by Forth Coffee Roasters). And a kettle. Otherwise that wouldn't be particularly helpful, would it?

Is there a fridge in my room?

No, there isn't. We do provide you with some cold milk in a nifty little thermos which will keep the milk cold for 48hrs. We'll be happy to top this up whenever you need, or whenever we're giving your room a freshen up with new linen and towels.

If you need access to a fridge for small items (such as for medication), we will be happy to store them for you in our personal fridge.

Is there tea and coffee in my room?

Yes! You have a range of teas (supplied by Teapigs) and cafetiere coffee (supplied by Forth Coffee Roasters). And of course a kettle. And if you can't find the tea you want, we have an extended range of herbal teas on the wall cabinet at the bottom of the stairs.

Do you serve booze (alcohol)?

We don't (sorry!). But we have tried every pub and restaurant within walking distance, so tell us what you're looking for, and we'll point you the right direction.

Will you cook us lunch or dinner?

Unfortunately (for you) we don't provide any other meals. We are however, happy to prepare a packed lunch for you to take with you for a small fee. We'll add that to your bill before you check out.

I'm a walker. Do you offer a packed lunch?

Whether you're a walker or not, we'd be delighted to prepare a packed lunch (for a small additional charge). You can request this when you book, or speak to us when you check-in. And don't forget to let us know about any special dietary requirements.



Will our towels and linen be changed during our stay?

Great question. We want to be an environmentally responsible business. So for stays less than 3 days, we won't change your linen or towels unless you ask us to. For stays longer than 3 days, we will change your linen and towels, unless you tell us not to.

Is there a housekeeping service?

That's completely up to you. We are more than happy to come into your room after you've left for the day to straighten things up. Typically this means making the bed, organising the towels, vaccuuming and wiping down any services where it's needed. Sometimes this might mean rearranging some of your personal items, but we do our best to work around you.

If you'd prefer we didn't spruce up your room, just let us know either in person, or by popping the 'Do Not Disturb' sign on your door.

Can I do my laundry?

For a small fee (which we'll add to your bill), we'll be more than happy to pop a load of washing on for you. We can loan you a clothes dryer for your room, or we can pop your load in the dryer.

But we can't take responsibility for any damage to your clothes if you choose to you use our machines.

Oops! I've spilt something in my room / the common areas.

Accidents happen. And we're all reasonable adults. So just tell us straight away, and we can work out how bad it really is, and how we're going to fix it.

Our General Terms & Conditions give you a bit more detail.



Is the wifi free?

Absolutely. Yes. Of course. Without question.

But please be fair with how you use it. For example, don’t continuously stream or download large files. And don't engage in any illegal or illicit activities.

We have a simple test - if your mother found out what you were doing on the internet, what would she say?

Do you have cable or subscription TV?

All our rooms have a TV with Freeview with oodles of free-to-air channels. We don't provide any Netflix, Sky, Virgin Media or other subcription packages, but you're welcome to use your own on your own device.

Is there a common room?

Yes! You have an open invitation to use our Drawing Room after everyone has finished breakfast and until 10:30pm at night. We've stocked it full of books about the local area and board games. There's also a working fireplace and a ping pong table. There isn't a TV, but you have one of those in your room.

I'm going out for a late one. How do I get back in?

Along with the key to your room, we'll give you a key to the front door. If you're not great with directions after a few drinks, ask us for a business card before you head out.

And please keep in mind:

  • There will be other guests (and us!) sleeping - so please be as quiet as you can when you come back in.
  • This is also our home - so please don't lose the key or give it to anyone who isn't staying with us.

our rooms


How many rooms do you have?

We have four rooms, each named after Queens we all recognise (and with whom we claim some rather tenuous links).

Here's a quick summary of our rooms:

The Queen Margaret is our largest room. The bed is extra long (2m) and can be made up as a twin.

The Queen Elizabeth II is also a king room, but is a little smaller than the Queen Margaret. The bed is also extra long (2m) and can also be made up as a twin.

The Queen Victoria is a lovely double, with a sneak peak at the Forth Bridge and the Jubilee Clock Tower (commemorating Queen Victoria, no less).

And then there's the Mary, Queen of Scots. She's a very comfortable single room, with a sneak peak over the Forth Bridge and the Clock Tower.

All our rooms have an en-suite. Read more about what is included in your room and what you can expect during your stay.

Do you have twin rooms?

We do. Both the Queen Margaret and the Queen Elizabeth II rooms can be set up as twin beds. And they're extra long at 2 metres (6ft 6ins).

I'm travelling alone. Do you offer a discount for single occupancy?

Actually, we don't need to. We have a single room - the Mary, Queen of Scots - which is perfect for the solo traveller. And if you prefer a bigger bed, the Queen Victoria is also a great option.

Of course, if you'd prefer to splash (and spread) out, you still might prefer to book one of our king rooms instead.

I'm tall. Will I fit in any of your beds?

If you book the Queen Margaret or the Queen Elizabeth II then that is a resounding yes. The beds in these are super king with a length of 2 metres (6ft 6ins).

Can I smoke in my room?

Absolutely not. We're rather firm on this point. We do have a garden where you're welcome to indulge. But please clean up after yourself.

If you smoke inside, our cleaning fee starts at £100.

Is there a hairdryer in the room?

Yes! Angela (Queen of the House) is a trained hairdresser. So she has gone to town, and made sure all our rooms have professional hairdryers. This means they can get rather hot so please be careful.

Is your single room suitable for a teenager?

Yes! So long as your teenager promises to behave themselves.

Although none of our rooms are interconnecting, the Queen Margaret is the closest to Mary, Queen of Scots (our single room). All the doors have their own locks and keys. And we'll always keep a spare downstairs in case you need to get in to your teenager's room.

Are your rooms wheelchair accessible?

Unfortunately no. THE QUEENS is a rather old building so access is limited. All our rooms are located on the first floor - up a single flight of stairs. We don't have an elevator or stair-lift.

Do you have baby cots, high chairs, change tables etc?

No, we don't. Our rooms are not interconnecting, and they're all at the top of a long set of stairs. It's for these reasons that we don't think THE QUEENS is suitable for children younger than 14 and infants.

If you want to discuss, it's probably easier to contact us directly.

general info about your stay


What time is check-in / check-out?

Check-in is between 03:30pm (15:30) and 05:30pm (17:30).

Check-out is 10:30am.

If you need to make any special arrangements, it's best to get in touch with us directly.

    Help! I need to check-in late / early. Is that okay?

    We'll never say never. It will just depend on what time you're arriving, who is checking out of your room, and how quickly we can have your room ready.

    Best just to get in touch with us directly. We won't bite.

    My boots are muddy. Do you have a boot room?

    Absolutely. We've made space available inside for muddy boots and wet coats.

    Is there somewhere I can store my luggage?

    Yes. If you've arrived before your room is ready, or you want to explore the area after you check out, we'll be happy to store your luggage for you.

    Is there somewhere I can lock / store my bike?

    Yes! We have a dry, secure space where you would be more than welcome to store your bike.

    bookings, payments and cancellations


    We've answered a few questions here, but it's also best to read our General Terms & Conditions.

    Can I book the whole house?

    Absolutely. We'll give you a couple of options to consider.

    1. If all rooms are available online, make a group booking.
    2. Or contact us directly to discuss a bespoke package.

    I'm getting married! Do you have a wedding package?

    Firstly, massive congratulations! Now call us on +44 (0)131 331 4345 or email us so we can discuss a bespoke package for you and your wedding party.

    And even if you decide to stay elsewhere, given our proximity to stunning wedding venues such as Hopetoun House, the Dalmeny Estate and Dundas Castle, we're a great option for your other wedding guests.

    Whatever your circumstances, it's best to speak to us so we can answer your questions and give you all the information you need to make a decision.

    It's important to highlight that we are not a licensed wedding venue.

    How do I pay for my stay?

    When you book, we will ask for a deposit of 50% of your total stay. You can make this payment by credit or debit card, either online or over the phone.

    Then, a couple of days before you check in, we'll send you an email with details of the remaining amount to be paid, and a payment link. From the moment you receive that payment link, to the moment you check out, the choice is yours when and how you settle your bill. And if you add any extras during your stay, we can refresh your bill and send you a new payment link.

    We also take card payments and accept cash in person.

    Do you accept American Express?


    Call me old fashioned, but I'd prefer to pay by bank transfer. Is that ok?

    Of course it is. Get in touch, and we'll be happy to share our bank account details.

    I'm staying for more than 2 weeks. Why can't I book online?

    Two weeks is a rather long stay. So we just want to know a little more about you, and find out what you need during your stay.

    I'm trying to book for next year. Why can't I book online?

    Our online booking calendar only looks 12 months ahead at any given time. If your dates are more than a year away, it's best to contact us directly.

    Something has come up and I need to cancel. What do I need to do?

    We're sorry to hear that. The best thing to do is get in touch as soon as you know.

    If you give us at least 7 days notice, we'll refund your deposit in full.

    And if you've booked the whole house, we'll need at least 28 days notice.



    Can I bring my beloved pet?

    Beloved or not, we're unable to accommodate any pets in our house. We actually have our own cat called Babaganoush. And while he doesn't particularly like new people, you may catch a glimpse of this elusive Queen during your stay. Of course, assistance dogs - trained and registered - are more than welcome to stay (with their owners).

    Can I bring my Guide Dog (or other type of assistance dog)?

    Absolutely. We trust and respect the training these precious animals go through. Just remember, our cat Babaganoush does live in the house as well.

    Will there be any animals in the house?

    Yes. Our cat - Babaganoush - lives downstairs. And while he tends to stay clear of people he doesn't know, he is a cat and will wander wherever he jolly well pleases.

    We may also have guests staying with a guide dog or other type of assistance dog.