Queen Margaret and the Rainbows: The Making of a Brand (not a band)


Let’s get some facts straight

Right. I want to talk about our brand. It’s SO beautiful. It’s SO simple. But it also means SO much. To me, to the Lady-Wife, to my family and to our friends. And I hope one day - to you.

But for this little story to make sense, you need to know the Lady-Wife* is Scottish (and Australian more recently), I’m Australian (and VERY recently British). We’re two women who met and fell in love in London. We’ve travelled all over the world. We lived together in Sydney, Australia, London, UK and now sunny Scotland. (You can read the long version here.)

*You might just catch a random Aussie inflection in Judith’s otherwise velvety Scottish accent. But be quick! It’s fading fast.

Now, are you ready for the wonderful story behind our brand? I hope so - I’ve been bursting to tell it.

I’m definitely British AND Aussie these days.


Flower Power

I was desperate for a brand that matched the swirling colours and style forming in my mind. So I turned to one of my best friends Stephen Lynch who’s a master of all that. Stephen was off gallivanting around South America, but he introduced to me his dear friend Danii Kedik.

The Golden Wattle

This lady has done everything! I won’t do any of it any justice by trying to describe it. So just go and check out her website.

What she came up with for us was just perfect. The ‘Q’ monogram (new word for me) is inspired by the national flowers of Scotland and Australia. That’ll be the Golden Wattle and the Thistle. Now, I’ll happily admit I may not have known these national flower facts before Danii told me, but that didn’t stop me from snatching up the inspiration. (I thought Australia’s was the Red Bottle Brush.)

It breathes a little bit of Scotland and Australia into The Queens right from the get-go. It’s understated, modern, subtle. I love it.

Can you see the hints of Golden Wattle and Thistle in the ‘Q’ of The Queens?


Aussie, Aussie, Aussie. Oi, oi, oi.

Let’s stay with the Aussie / Scotland theme for a minute. We’re quite proud of our respective heritages and experiences in Scotland, the UK and Australia. You can find elements of it all within our food, our interiors, and as you’ve just found out, our visual brand.

But I just have one final thing to say about my Aussie roots. If anyone is coming to visit from Australia, you need to know I ALWAYS need more Vegemite.

And if any non-Aussies readers have no idea what I’m on about, ask me when you come to stay, and I’ll be sure to give you a little taste at breakfast.


Margaret Matters

We love our mummies. And yes Dad I love you too, but I’m not sure ‘The Robbo’ for our boutique bed and breakfast has the same ring to it. (But I could be wrong.)

Our lovely mum’s are both called Margaret. And the Queen who built (not with her own hands) the Queen’s Ferry was also a Margaret. Saint Queen Margaret of Scotland to be precise. She also built a chapel at the highest point of Edinburgh Castle. All these Margarets are superwomen as far as I’m concerned.

The Lady-Wife and I both know what it means to live far away from your family. So to know my mum inspired a little bit of what The Queens has become, helps bring her a little closer to me. Sometimes you need that, don’t you?


Queen Margaret of Australia (my mummy) on the Royal Yacht (Dad’s boat)

Queen Margaret of Dundee (Judith’s mummy) and her loyal subjects (grandkids)


The Rainbow Connection

Too many ‘Queens’ to mention. But these two came all the way from Sydney to visit us.

We would be lying if we said we didn’t choose ‘The Queens’ with a glitter-sprinkled pack of real Queens in mind.

You know who you are.

You are fabulous. You are divas. You are supportive and loyal. The Queens is about style and taste, but it’s also meant to be a little cheeky. And you are that little bit of cheeky.

Like many LGBT+ people, once upon a time (and I’m not telling you when), we weren’t sure if the world was ready for us. It was me, the Lady-Wife and a rainbow band of merry men and women trying to find our way in the world, and our true selves in the process.

Now, we’re all scattered across the world, with new friends and our own growing families. But you need to know, there is a little bit of each of you in The Queens. Which bit? You’ll have to come and find that out for yourself.


There are all sorts of Queens out there

The Lady-Wife looks over her Queendom.

Our brand and our hospitality are inspired by our family, friends, glitter, rainbows, national flowers, history, Scotland and Australia. It’s not something you can see just by looking at the monogram. You’ve got to dig a little deeper. You’ve got to come and stay!

But there are still quite a few Queens missing from our story. When you come and stay, you’ll add your own story to The Queens.

Are you a Style Queen? A Fashion Queen? Queen of the Bed, or Queen of the Breakfast? You might be the Queen of your own special wedding day? Are you the Queen of the Hiking Trails? Or are you searching for the Queens of Scotland’s castles?

I want to be the Queen of it all.

What sort of Queen are you?

- Angela