Christmas in Edinburgh & South Queensferry


Off to see the Wizard!

Well not really. But I am off to the Oz. Australia. Down Under. Right now. I’m typing this from the airport with a pint of beer in hand. My big sister and her wife are having a baby girl and Aunty Angie (me) suffers from REALLY bad FOMO. Did I mention it’s summer in Sydney?

So, the Lady-Wife is staying behind and The Queens is still open for business. But - there’s a twist! Oops. My flight’s boarding. Judith will have to finish this one!


- Angela

Angela’s pre-departure Christmas pint. ‘Tis the season.

Angela’s pre-departure Christmas pint. ‘Tis the season.


She’s leaving…on a jet plane.

But I do know when she’ll be back. Until then, I’m the Queen in residence. So, here’s what we’re going to get up to while she’s away.

When we’re open in December

30 November to 24 december

  • We’re open Friday (first check-in), Saturday and Sunday (last check-out).

  • You can book online or over the phone.

  • I’ll be doing the full Bed & Breakfast thing.

Christmas + St stephen’s (BOXING) day

  • Open as self-catered accommodation (no breakfast).

  • The kitchen is yours to use throughout your stay.

  • It’s a minimum 2-night stay.

  • And you’ll need to call or email to book.

  • Plus, if you book all four rooms, we’ll give you that fourth room for free.

after christmas

Get in touch if you’ve ready to book for Hogmany (New Year). I’ll also have a bit more info on the Hogmany festivities in next week’s Telegram.

Christmas at The Queens


Take a year off Christmas Day

An open fire, Christmas tree and board games in our Drawing Room, cosy rooms, comfy beds and dressing gowns - why not do Christmas a little differently this year? That includes not doing the cooking or washing up! So while Angela is in Australia having a “shrimp on the barbie”, here’s a little list of local establishments offering fully-catered delights on Christmas Day. We’ve not been paid to advertise - we’ve just done a little bit of homework to give you a head start.


Orocco Pier

Scott’s Queensferry

The Boathouse

The Hawes Inn

The Edinburgh & South Queensferry Festive Season

Everyone loves Christmas for different reasons, don’t they? For me, I love singing carols, scoring brownie points with my mother for going to Midnight Mass, and thrashing family at board games on Boxing / St Stephen’s Day. Here’s a little teaser of what’s going on in and around Edinburgh and South Queensferry. I’ve included links to help, and you’ll find more ideas on the Edinburgh Christmas or Christmas in Queensferry websites.


Plus a couple of ways to make your Festive Season pop!

If you’re looking for a little more than the usual Christmas stuff, these quirky events really caught my eye.

Silent light

A silent disco with Christmas songs! What more do you need? Each ticket includes a charitable donation and you get to choose from three Christmas-themed playlists. It’s on now in George Street in Edinburgh until the 1st January 2019. Here’s some more information.




24 Doors of Advent

Every day until the 24 December, a new door to one of Edinburgh’s iconic buildings will open for the public. From Murrayfield to Lauriston Castle to the Robert Burns Monument, it’s a real peek behind the scenes of Edinburgh. Here’s the list of buildings and how to book.




Doris, Dolly & the Dressing Room Divas… at Christmas!

I LOVE Dolly Parton. So I will almost certainly be going to this before it closes on the 16 December. A tribute to my favourite Queens of Diva-Dom. Yes please! Here’s the details.




The Gospel According To Jesus, Queen of Heaven

A play The Guardian calls ‘moving and infinitely graceful’. I haven’t seen it, but I’m kind of intrigued by the idea that Jesus has returned as a Trans Woman with a message for the world. Plus it’s another Queen for The Queens. More details here.




Are you coming for Christmas then?

I’ve done my very best to convince you that Christmas in South Queensferry and Edinburgh might just be the Christmas idea you’ve been looking for.

Give me a call or drop me an email. I’ll be more than happy to help you plan your Christmas away from home.

And if you’ve got Christmas sorted, then why not pop along for a December weekend away and keep me company while the wife is away.

- Judith


This could be your Christmas morning walk.

More information

Getting around

  • Bus: We’re 40 minutes from St Andrew’s Square on the Number 43 bus. The bus stop is right outside The Queens.

  • Train: Our closest station is Dalmeny which is a 15 minute walk, and then it’s a 15-20 minute ride into the main Edinburgh stations.

  • Airport: On a good day, we’re a 10-15 minute taxi ride from the Airport. But traffic can get pretty hectic so we usually leave 40 minutes. Which is mad - it’s only 6 miles!

  • Car: We’re on Google Maps and I’m pretty sure I got us listed on TomTom (I’m a geek like that). The easiest thing to do is head for South Queensferry, and you’ll find us on The Loan (that’s the street name) just before you turn right onto the High Street.

  • Taxi: You shouldn’t be paying any more than £25 from Edinburgh or the Airport, and you’ll be able to use Uber. There’s a local taxi company for the trips out of South Queensferry.

  • Our FAQ has a tonne of route maps, links etc.

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