The new Queen in town.


Drum roll…my New Year’s Resolution was…

…to post on social at least once a week. It’s now April. Great start Angela!

But I’ve been a busy Queen!


My world has been consumed by the newest and tiniest little Princess to join the family. And although this has absolutely nothing to do with The Queens Bed & Breakfast, I’m going to tell you all about it anyway.


Remember when I dashed off to Australia in November?

Well that was for the arrival of Miss Stevie-Lee Robertson. Born with a ginger mohawk, she was about three weeks early. To not wait for Auntie Angie to arrive? The nerve! 

She was actually born before I even left the UK. To say my family were excited for Stevie’s arrival would be a big fat lie. My Mum has been telling me she wanted to be a granny since I was 14 years old (don’t question the appropriateness of that statement). Without revealing mine or my sister’s age, let’s just say she and my Dad have had to wait a VERY long time for their first Grandbaby.

I know you’re thinking ‘Stevie-Lee’ is an unusual name? But there is a super sweet reason. The Stevie comes from my Dad (Steve) and the Lee from my sister, her other Mumma (Peta-Lee).


Ain’t she cute!?

Ain’t she cute!?

So I might have broken into the maternity ward…

Obviously it’s all about me and I wanted to meet her as soon as I arrived in Australia!  Look, it was the middle of the night and I just couldn’t wait. 

She’s just a perfect, precious bundle of joy. Peta-Lee and Bec are amazing Mummas - I’m so proud of them.

I was so pleased to be there to share in their joy and happiness, and to see Stevie so newly arrived.

My montage of joy!

My montage of joy!

What a hectic start to life!

As well as hanging out with Granny and Poppy (my Mum and Dad), Auntie Angie (that’s me) and a caravan-full of the Sydney extended family, Stevie went on a road trip to Brisbane to meet Great Granny from Glasgow and her clan. Seriously, she sounds like she got off the boat yesterday. So in her first month, little Stevie went on a 13 hour (one-way) trip to Brisbane. And then all the way back to Sydney. She did so well!

Funnily enough, this was the first road trip for our family where everyone wanted to sit in the back. With Bubba!

Granny the Great and Stevie-Lee.

Granny the Great and Stevie-Lee.

So many firsts for Stevie-Lee!

And I felt so honoured to be there for so many of firsts: her first night at home, her first bath, her first swim and, of course, her first Christmas.

Christmas Day was stinking hot but Stevie managed to enjoy it even though her Granny dressed her up as a red shower puff. Can you believe she paid $80 for that?!

I did a lot of other fun things whilst I was in Australia and the Lady-Wife managed to keep things ticking over at The Queens in my absence.  Those are stories for another Telegram.  

Today, it’s all about the delightful Stevie-Lee Robertson who makes my heart melt every time I look at her.

- Angela

Festive…or too much?

Festive…or too much?